UK’s first indoor plant hotel suites open at Leman Locke, London


The UK’s first indoor plant hotel suites are due to open this week at London’s designer hotel Leman Locke in a bid to help people reconnect with nature.

These Instagram-worthy ‘jungle studios’ that will help increase productivity, ignite passion, or bring peace and quiet, will only be available for a limited time, but promise to deliver an immersive swimming experience in the water. forest at night.

Three studio suites have been transformed into lush interior jungles by an award-winning designer, architect and biophile architect. Beautiful House expert, Oliver Heath, This morning‘s Mr Plant Geek aka Michael Perry, and creative designer and founder of Grace & Thorn, Nik Southern.

Each suite offers a unique multisensory experience with carefully selected houseplants invading walls, windows, bathrooms and even ceilings.

Search by reveals that a third (34%) of people spend less than 17 minutes outdoors per day during the winter months, although two-fifths (39%) agree that spending more time in nature would make them happier.

“Hotels have started to showcase beautiful plant facilities in common areas for a number of years now, but the botanical facilities seem to end there,” says Chanel De Kock, UK manager of “We know people are inspired when they travel and are inspired by the places they stay, so this is a unique opportunity to empower guests with a biophilic design.

“People are slowly realizing that the humble houseplant is more than just an object of decoration or design – they are a powerful source of life that gives more than it takes. “

Discover the three suites in detail below:

Conceived by Olivier heath

This compact suite is perfect for nomad workers and business travelers. Adorned with Boston ferns, peace lilies, and snake plants (all renowned for their productivity-enhancing properties), every corner is filled with greenery. Guests will also be invited to enjoy an audio experience of binaural beats; which is the latest “sound wave therapy” designed to sharpen focus and stimulate creativity. Plus, the hotel’s standard mini-bar is transformed into a herbal gas station.

Olivier heath

Houseplant hotel leman locke east london


Conceived by Nik South

Described as a “sanctuary of sensuality,” guests of the Romance Suite will marvel at the bed’s botanical canopy, which features a lush green mix of cascading plants. Guests can enjoy the sensual sounds and sights of the natural botanical world while enjoying an exclusive love-stimulating cocktail.

Nik South



Conceived by Michael Perry aka Mr Plant Geek

This tranquil indoor jungle is teeming with tropical plants creating an oasis of calm. Showcasing houseplants such as bromeliads and a variety of monsteras from deliciosa to obliqua, this suite harnesses the relaxing power of plants. Guests can enjoy a fully immersive plant bath experience in the bathroom, a dedicated plant meditation space, and a clean sleep area containing the most air-purifying plants in the world.


Mr. Plant Geek



• Want to stay in one of these suites? The indoor plant jungle hotel will be open for reservations from October 19 to November 10, 2019. To book your stay, send an email to [email protected]. All reservations for the three rooms made directly by email will automatically receive a 15% discount.

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