Top hotel amenities travelers are looking for in 2022


Haven’t planned a trip for a while? You are not alone. Americans haven’t taken a real spring break trip in nearly three years, and in that time the travel landscape has changed, and traveler preferences with it. That is why analyzed research on its site and mobile app over the past three years to identify the hotel’s best amenities, as well as the most untouchable amenities, so far in 2022.

“The pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we research our next hotel stay,” said Mel Dohmen, senior brand manager at “The amenities we love and seek in 2022 reflect everything we’ve felt and experienced over the past few years. From hotels that helped us relax and get the edge to those that completed new hobbies like cooking and skiing, there’s a lot to learn about where travelers are going this year based on how which they are looking for the perfect hotel stay.

The Amenities Report compared internal research data on US sites and mobile app from January 1 to February 7, 2022 with the same period in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Key findings from the 2022 Amenities Report include:

What’s new

New Hobby Alert: We’re Skiing Now
The pandemic has forced everyone to get in touch with their outer side, so it’s no surprise that searches for ski-in ski-out hotels are at record highs, up 50% since 2019. for properties with ski shuttles and storage is also up 20%.

Ski boots are slippery and can track snow, salt and sand inside. Click here for news from Facility Executive on carpets and flooring.

Cooking at home and at the hotel
From baking bread to trying out that crazy TikTok dough, kitchens were trending as the second most searched amenity in 2021. The trend continues with kitchen searches rising 15% year over year. the other.

What’s new

No Wi-Fi, no problem
Zoom meetings and the Scroll of Fate are not on the agenda this year as searches for properties with free Wi-Fi are in freefall, down 50% since pre-pandemic.

We have nothing to do here
Travelers are tired of working from home and it turns out they really don’t want to work anywhere else either. Searches for properties with businesses are down 40% compared to 2019.

What is the current trend

Boy where is my car
Do not remove this road trip playlist yet. Searches for properties with free parking have increased by 70% this year as travelers continue to favor destinations that are accessible by car. For those who can’t stand the 10 hour drive yet, they are not alone. Searches for properties with free airport transfers have increased by 105% so far this year.

What condition is your car park in? Read more parking news from Facility Executive. Top Hotel Amenities Report

Training while on vacation
Working out really wasn’t a top priority during the pandemic. Searches for gyms were down 30% or more last year compared to 2019. However, in 2022, travelers are getting back to their wellness routine and year-on-year gym searches other increased by 65%.

How Your State Stays: Spring Break Edition

Ahead of spring break, also explored the most sought-after travel destinations and amenities to see how each of the 50 states and DC finds the perfect stay. Key regional trends include:

  • Star Rating: Northeasterners prefer 4-star properties with free parking. While Southerners are fine with 2.5 star stays, as long as they come with a free breakfast.
  • Approvals: Arizonans and Californians are looking for pet-friendly properties, while travelers from Maryland, Louisiana and Ohio just want to soak in a tub.
  • Destination : Midwesterners prefer mid-sized cities like Omaha and Oklahoma City to metropolitan areas. And residents of southwestern states (Arizona, Nevada) are most likely to choose California.
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