These Swiss hotel suites have no walls


Your “influencer” friend won’t stop bragging about the glass suite he stayed in in Bali.

Just wait for them to receive a charge from your Swiss hotel suite that comes without walls.

welcome to Null Stern, which translates to Zero Starbut should probably be Swiss for “stunning hotel suites that have no walls and are set amidst nature to perpetuate an appreciation of your surroundings”.

But it’s not. Either way, make your reservation while you can.

You know how it goes. You’re heading to an exotic foreign destination and the next thing you know you’re stuck in a hotel room, your quest to sightsee and soak up the local culture is temporarily thwarted by the basic tendency of your stupid hotel room to have walls that you can’t see through.

This whole project hopes to change that. Offering a series of completely wallless, open-air hotel suites in scenic parts of Switzerland, you can relax and watch this thing called life flow all around you. They are simply suitable for beds, lamps and furniture, although those found in galleries. And if the weather turns bad, you’ll stay until it’s time to be taken to a closed hotel. More traditional kind.

There is one between two beautiful vineyards at the foot of the Bietschorn mountain, where you will watch the winemakers at work. There’s also a scenic hilltop suite on land that once belonged to French actor Jean-Louis Barrault. And you will certainly find the suite with a view of the Rhone Valley quite charming.

But if your tastes are different, there’s even an urban setting, with a suite placed on the perimeter of a gas station. For those who can’t sleep without the sound of car horns, traffic and the smell of benzene.

We just hope they don’t forget the mint on your pillow.


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