These floating hotel suites are fully solar powered


Have you ever wished your day at the beach didn’t end with the sunset? That you could just fall asleep directly on the water? Walk in pearlsuitesthe futuristic floating hotel suites designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini from Lazzarini design studio. The concept designs are circular pods reminiscent of UFOs, but instead of hovering in the air, they float on the surface of water. Each unit includes all the same amenities as a hotel room and is 100% solar powered, creating enough energy for air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration and other appliances.

The Pearlsuites are designed to Capsule Jet, an Italian nautical mobility brand whose vision is to bring the heights of road and air luxury to the water, in a sustainable way. From the high-end flagship version of Pearlsuites to a streamlined, open version for beach clubs, the concept aims to introduce a whole new niche to the beach hotel market. Floating suites would allow resorts to do the seemingly impossible: establish or increase their number of rooms in weeks, with zero carbon footprint, zero infrastructure and zero occupied land, all at a low implementation cost. Units are customizable, and if anchored, multiple units grouped together could become a floating station.

pearl suite

Each Pearlsuite measures 7 meters (nearly 30 feet) in diameter and offers 1 meter of surrounding walkable area, depending on the design version. They are built around a reinforced main hull, connected to the circular hull. The space available in the hull provides storage space for additional power sources and systems. In addition, suites can be equipped with a gyroscope stabilization system or a fuel cell hydrogen generator to generate power on board, ensuring power is available regardless of the weather.

As far as mobility is concerned, the suites can also be equipped with an electric motor which allows them to navigate at 5 knots (approximately 6 miles per hour) from point A to B, and to position themselves, thanks to a system advanced GPS positioning and an autopilot. features. Imagine heading to the floating bar or meeting up with friends in another suite.

The Pearlsuites are just one of many innovative designs from Lazzarini Design Studio. Scroll down to learn more about the Pearlsuites concept and check out the other sustainable floating architecture designs on its website.

Lazzarini Design Studio has released a design concept for floating hotel suites called Pearlsuites.

Design of guests relaxing in a Pearlsuite unitThe standard layout of a Pearlsuite unit includes all the amenities of a hotel room

The units are 100% solar powered and include the same amenities as a hotel room.

Retractable dome top of a PearlsuitePearlsuite top opening optionsExploded view of the four levels of a Pearlsuite

They are powered by an electric motor, and can position themselves using advanced GPS technology.

The underwater part of a Pearlsuite unit

The units are customizable and, if anchored, multiple units grouped together can become a floating station.

Pearlsuite Community Design Concept

Pierpaolo Lazzarini: Website | Facebook | Twitter | instagram
h/t: [designboom]

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos by Pierpaolo Lazzarini.

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