The Most Searched Hotel Amenities in 2021 Aren’t What You Think


The pandemic has permanently changed the way we approach travel and, more specifically, what we look for when we travel. released its 2022 Accreditation Report – a comprehensive analysis of all searches on the site over the past three years – to determine the most searched accreditation. The results? Probably not what you would think.

“The pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we research our next hotel stay,” said Mel Dohmen, senior brand manager at “The amenities we love and seek in 2022 reflect everything we’ve felt and experienced over the past few years.”

“From hotels that have helped us relax and get the edge to those that have completed new hobbies like cooking and skiing, there’s a lot to learn about where travelers are going this year based on the way they are looking for the perfect hotel stay,” she added.

That said, the most sought-after piece of equipment at the height of the pandemic was…a bathtub. Even now, searches for bathtubs have already increased by 25% in 2022 compared to 2019. In addition, people have also spent more time searching for spas (up 35%), properties with cribs (up up 65%), childcare (up 45%) and connections. rooms (up 20%).

Alternatively, people seemed to spend less time searching for free Wi-Fi (down 50%), properties with commercial facilities (down 40%), and properties with gyms (down 30%), although there are again have an increase in the latter in 2022.

At first glance, this is all relatively surprising, especially considering how many people are still working from home and/or taking routine appointments. But at the same time, for many, the pandemic has also reinforced the importance of slow, meaningful travel, which is exactly what these results indicate – travelers looking to disconnect, relax and spend time with their relatives.

Also, it stands to reason that people are thinking more about their housing than before the pandemic. For those who still have reservations regarding their trip, or those traveling to areas where COVID is still particularly relevant, they may be planning to spend more time in their hotel room than before.

This might make the importance of a nice bathtub in the room a bit more urgent than before.


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