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The former Studio 54 nightclub in New York City is known to be a celebrity hotspot, where anyone from Diana Ross to Andy Warhol could be spotted any night.

The new Studio 64 in the Arcada Theater building downtown St. Charles tries to forge its own history. Studio 64 is located in the space that previously served as the VIP lounge of the Arcada Theater building.

“Since we’re on Route 64, we named it Studio 64,” said Ron Onesti, president and founder of Onesti Entertainment, which operates the Arcada Theater and Club Arcada. “As soon as you walk in you think you’re in the 1930s, because this was the original speakeasy here at the Arcada Theater in the 30s, and when you walk through the room it turns into a 70s disco. ”

In addition to being a dance club, Studio 64 hosts comedy nights and other events. Onesti said it seems to be well received.

“People love it,” Onesti said. “Everyone who sees the play loves the play. It’s another fun place here in the Arcada building.

Studio 64 is part of a major renovation project for the building that houses the historic theater and its sister operation, Club Arcada. Two new restaurants – Rock ‘N Za and Rock ‘N Ravioli – are expected to open in the coming weeks.

The Rock ‘N Za restaurant will sell wood-fired pizzas, salads and Chicago-style hot dogs.

“Rock ‘N Za is open for the most part,” Onesti said. “We are waiting for drawings for our permit. It’s literally week to week with this one. It is only open during shows at the moment. As soon as we launch the pizza thing, we will be open every day.

Rock ‘N Ravioli will feature some of Onesti’s signature recipes, including Chicken Vesuvius Ravioli and Braised Beef Ravioli. In addition to the two new restaurants, a set of hotel suites are also set to open in the Arcada Theater building in the coming weeks.

The Arcadian Suites will contain 11 suites. Each suite will have a musical theme.

Supply chain issues have hampered the renovation project’s competition.

“I waited 18 months for a tip,” Onesti said.

The Arcada Theater and Club Arcada were able to reopen last year after being closed for more than a year due to the pandemic. Onesti said people are even more excited these days to hear live music.

“People are actually emotional,” he said. “When they come here and see all the new renovations, they get excited, and then they hear the music and they get emotional. And people come in early and they don’t want to leave because it’s such an experience.

The historic building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, first opened in 1926 and has attracted artists such as George Burns and Gracie Allen.


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