7 Iconic Hotel Suites From Around The World With Freshly Redesigned Looks | Architectural Summary


Facelifts can sometimes go wrong, delivering a worse result than the original. However, design renovations are always a good idea, especially when the spaces are luxurious hotel suites that have hosted visitors for centuries. And for such renowned hotels, only the best interior designers and architects are recruited for the job. For example, in London, Bryan O’Sullivan, known for his bold yet sophisticated sense of stateliness, recently unveiled a completely refurbished suite in the iconic 19th century Claridge’s.

O’Sullivan isn’t the only interior design expert tasked with bringing age-old hotel suites into the 21st century. The multitude of talented interior designers who have set out to revamp some of the world’s most beloved places have done so with finesse, and they can’t wait to reopen the doors to guests overnight. From Palm Beach to São Paulo, these sprawling rooms will book up fast.

In one of The Colony Hotel’s private multi-bedroom villas, Mark D. Sikes worked with a blue-and-white palette and polished pieces, most of which are available for purchase at a nearby boutique.Photo: Carmel Brantley

The colony hotel

Palm Beach is where the East Coast crowd gets its fix of hot weather when temperatures above Mason-Dixon dip below freezing. Fortunately, many luxury hotels have rooms to spare. In particular, The Colony Hotel — which opened to the flamingo-pink facade in 1947 — draws a little more attention than the others. One of the 89 rooms has been completely redesigned by Mark D. Sikes.

The 1,100 square foot Villa Aralia is a nuanced take on its classic blue and white coastal look that doesn’t compromise Palm Beach’s signature style. In fact, when considering his inspirations, Sikes didn’t look much further than the striped canopies of the hotel cafe. The new two-bedroom villa is complemented by new pieces from its collaboration with Chaddock, fixtures from the Sikes Collection with Hudson Valley Lighting, and custom upholstery. Plus, all of this is available for purchase through the local store, Hive.

Sikes is one of several designers recruited to outfit one of The Colony’s stand-alone villas — tastemaker Aerin Lauder has also taken over the 2,100-square-foot space. Lauder’s, nicknamed Aerin Villa Jasmine, celebrates coastal style with wicker furniture, cream-white walls, and jute rugs underfoot. The villa, accessed by a private entrance, features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a graciously sized living and dining area. Although Lauder’s signature appearance tends to lean towards the contemporary, it has kept the original details intact: cypress doors and a cast stone fireplace.


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