10 increasingly popular hotel amenities


10 increasingly popular hotel amenities

Once upon a time, going on vacation almost always meant staying in a hotel. Platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and HometoGo didn’t exist, and all-inclusive resorts weren’t as plentiful and affordable as they are now.

With the rise of alternative stay options, many hotels have found they need to increase the number of amenities they offer to stay competitive. When social media emerged, travelers began posting their experiences in real time online, putting even more pressure on hotels to stand out. Social media gave birth to influencers, who could give other travelers intimate insight into hotels they hadn’t stayed in yet, making it easier for them to compare options.

One of the best ways for hotels to stand out these days is to reevaluate their amenities. Gone are the days when a mint on the pillow and free hand lotion was enough. Today’s travelers want more: expanded room service options, high-end gym equipment, and in-room beauty services, among others. hotel motor reviewed the latest news from travel publications and industry organizations to compile a list of 10 increasingly popular hotel amenities.


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